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Making sand candles requires no special candle making equipment.

Shop Our Two Types of Candle Sand

Premium Candle Sand

Premium quality is a fine sand like wax that is reusable. After extinguishing, let the molten wax cool where the wick was lit. Then simply lift off the solidified wax piece and discard. The remaining sand can used to create a new candle! Simply cut another wick piece and insert into the sand.  

  • 1 Pound Bag
  • 2, 8″ Wicks included inside each bag
  • 9 color choices
  • $14.99 per pound

Craft Candle Sand

Craft quality is a fine sand like wax that also incorporates bits of flat wax pieces mixed in with the sand granules.  Because of these flakes the remaining wax, after burning, may not be reusable. Craft Sand comes in more color options.

  • 1 Pound Bag
  • 2, 8″ Wicks included on the side of each bag
  • 14 color choices
  • $12.99 per pound

Go ahead and play around with the sand! Layer and mix colors perhaps add heat-resistant props such as rocks or glass pebbles. While you play around and experiment with the sand, you may use the wicks quicker. Its a good idea to pick up a few extra wicks in the beginning to add to your candle sand supplies.

To see more creative candle making ideas visit our social media links below. 

There is no right or wrong way to use Candle Sand. It’s all about creativity, imagination and most of all, FUN!

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Candle Sand (Premium Quality)

Personalized candles created by your imagination!

Candle Sand (Craft Quality)

Anyone can learn how to make candles using our fun, colorful Candle Sand! Craft Quality Candle Sand is great for making your own “candle making kits” to give away as gift!

Extra wicks come 2 in a pack and are each 8′ long. Add to you candlsandsupplies list.