Holiday Sand Candles

Candles for the Season, Holiday Candle Gift Ideas

Candles have always been prominent part of the holiday culture. Either being used as gift giving or decorating, holiday candles are an intricate part of the season. However, one might say a candle is a candle. It usually comes in a glass jar of varying sizes, with or without fragrance and in multiple colors. Also, candles can be expensive! Spending time looking for candles on sale is tedious and frankly we just don’t want to do it. The time, the cost and hoping that you picked out the perfect color, scent and jar can become a process in itself, until now! Click here to take a look at some holiday candle gift ideas

Making candles is a true craft when done the old-fashioned way. Buying wax, heating it in an electric wax warmer, bringing candle wax to just the right temperature, inserting the wick and stabilizing it so it cools, and the wax hardens in just the perfect way. And much, much more!

Creativity does not have to be hard or expensive! Everyone loves candles especially during the holidays. Candle Sand is a fine sand like wax that pours onto most heat-resistant surfaces. No need for electric wax warmers or special candle making supplies. With little planning and creativity, giving candles as gifts can be so much fun for you and for the gift receiver! 

Gift Ideas

Let’s look at the photo posted here. Just by looking at this picture we can infer that it is a candle for Valentine’s Day or Christmas. The surprising aspect of this photo is that the items have been repurposed. At a local thrift store we found the tall glass tower and with a little soap it sparkles like new. From a grocery stores floral department we found the wire basket which held 3 red glass flower jars and has been laying around the house for a few years, tucked away in the closet. The bottom of the wire basket is not solid, which allows for a highly creative effect in the white Candle Sand. Start by building up the sand into piles so the wick piece has enough depth. In this example we used a heat-resistant tray with a piece of aluminum foil for an extra layer of protection.

Whether used as a gift or in decorating, creating candles for the season is now fun! When you give candles as gifts, you are giving someone a candle based on your likes and dislikes. Instead of giving a candle in a jar why not inspire people to use their creativity. Think outside the candle jar!

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