DIY How to make a floating candle

How to Make a Floating Candle

DIY Floating Candles

What are the best floating candles? The ones you make yourself!

Impress your guests without the expense! No experience necessary.

How to Make Floating Candles

A new wave of home décor has arrived. We are no longer forced to use someone else’s premade ideas of functional art. With Candle Sand, you are the creator, inventor, and designer.

What liquid do you need for floating candles? Water.


DIY Floating Candles can be made in minutes from items around the house. Just add your favorite color of Candle Sand. You can also choose to decorate your floating candle by adding ribbon, rocks, or flowers in the water below the candle.

How to Make Floating Candles


Step 1

Choose your style of glass containers:

Bohemian, Eclectic – mix matched

Modern – sharp lines

Classic – round symmetrical

Step 2

Choose your fillers (optional)

Rocks, beads, flowers … countless possibilities

Step 3

Fill your container with water stopping about ¼ – ½ inch from the top

Step 4

Pour your favorite color of Candle Sand

Step 5

Insert a wick piece and light!


DIY How to make a floating candle

Creative Candle Making Ideas:

  • Wedding centerpiece with floating candles
  • Floating Christmas candles
  • Float candles in clear glass bowls for outdoor events
  • Line pools with clear glass vases and fill with multiple colors Candle Sand

Candle sand supplies are everywhere, it’s time to think outside the candle jar!


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