Candle Sand Dusty Rose (Premium Quality), 2 wicks included


Candlesand is a fine, sand like wax made of natural oil that can be poured onto most heat resistant surfaces to create a personalized candle.

Premium Quality Candle Sand is a fine, sand like wax for candles made of natural oil that can be poured onto most heat-resistant surfaces to create personalized candles, add style to any display and even to create your own candle making kits as gifts.

Premium Quality Candle Sands un-melted sand is Reusable!

The candle will go out on its own. Once the top layer of wax is COMPLETELY dry, simply lift the thin top layer of wax and discard. The remaining sand can be reused just by placing another wick inside.

Two 8″ wicks are provided inside each bag.

Weight 1lb

Premium Quality Candle Sand is made of natural products and scent free.

Making sand candles is fun! Here are a few tips on how to keep your candle burning safely.


  • The longer the wick, the longer the flame will last
  • A wick of about 2 inches gives the best result
  • Position the wick so that about ¼ inch sticks out of the Candle Sand
  • Flame should not touch or come near the container; the heat could cause the container to crack
  • Candle Sand has no scent added. Add pet friendly fragrance oils to create a scented candle and to change the texture.

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Candle Sand and floral candle idea
Floral Creative Candle Making Idea
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6.25 × 10.75 in



There are two 8" wicks included inside each sealed bag