Candle Sand

Frequently Asked Questions

Candle Sand is a fine, sand like wax for candles that’s poured onto/into most heat resistant surfaces.

Yes, you can add fragrance oil to create a personalized candle and to change the texture of the candle. Choose pet friendly candle scents if candle will be used around animals.

Yes, Candle Sand is sold by the pound. Each pound contains 2, 8 inch wicks.
The wicks will be inside the bag of the Premium Sand and in a separate bag for the Craft Sand.
Extra wicks can be purchased as well.
Cut the wick to the desired length, the wick length determines the burning time of the candle.
A wick piece of about 2 inches gives the best result.
Position the wick piece so that about ¼ inch sticks out of the Candle Sand.
Now just light the wick!

Choose a heat-resistant vessel to pour your sand into.
  • Flame should not touch or come near the container; this could cause heat to crack the container.
  • Think outside the candle jar. Repurpose and reuse what you may have around the house already.

The Premium quality is a finer sand.
The Craft quality is sand, however, it has bits of flakes incorporated.
Premium quality is reusable. After extinguishing, let the molten wax cool where the wick was lit. Then simply lift off the hardened wax piece and discard. The remaining sand can used to create a new candle! Simply cut another wick piece and insert into the sand.

Join the fun! Visit any of these links to get inspired. We love to repurpose and reuse what we have around the house. And the thrift stores always have something unique! Remember, think outside the candle jar.
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The sand is shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
Shipping costs are:
$8.95 for 1-2 bags
$13.95 for 3-6 bags
$19.95 for 7-9 bags
For larger orders we may use another source such as UPS or FedEx. Please call for more information on larger orders.