Holiday Season Candles DIY - Candles Easy and Fun

Holiday Season Candles DIY – Candles, Easy and Fun

holiday Season candles DIY, It’s time to think out of the candle jar!

Looking for something new this holiday season?

Let’s change things up a bit shall we? Out with the old fashion candle jar and welcome in repurposed items creating unique  Holiday Season Candles DIY! For example, this glass spilling out what appears to be red wine is a glass found in a thrift store, but look at it now! 

Candle Making Supplies
Go Ahead and Let it SPILL!

That you may end up keeping because, you are so impressed with yourself and you just can't bear giving it away!

Mix and Match your supplies to what you have around the house. Here, for example, we are using a glass cake stand, potpourri and Red Craft Candle Sand. But you might have a plate or tray and rocks, for instance. It okay, mix it up a bit and have fun. You won’t need any special candle making equipment just your creativity and #candlesand!

The supplies (no matter what holiday season candle you are making)

Mix and Match Your Own Supplies

Yea Sure, EASY, FUN and you want me to make it myself?

Making your Sand Candle is EASY AND FUN!


Because with Candle Sand you:

  • Don’t need an electric wax warmer to melt wax.
  • Won’t need taper candle molds
  • No need for special candle making equipment!
  • You don’t need any candle making experience!

What you do need for your personalized DIY Holiday Sand Candle is:

  • A heat-resistant surface
  • Candle Sand and a wick (2 free wicks are included with every bag of sand)
  • Your imagination with a smile! 

To sum it up, making holiday season candles is fun when you do it with a purpose. For instance, giving new life to an item that is no longer used and repurposing it into a gift that no one will ever forget.

Want to see more ways to use Candle Sand?

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