Candle Sand
Mixed Media Idea- Creative Candle Making Ideas with Elements

Mixed Media Idea- Creative Candle Making Ideas

Sand Candles with Elements and Nature

Candles aren’t just candles anymore! They are now works of art mixed
with elements once unheard of in DIY Candles. It is time to think outside the candle jar!

Blending With Elements

Candle Sand is the perfect accompaniment with all of nature's elements.

Blended together flowers, greens, woods and stones to create a stunning display in a storefront window, flower shop or simply hosting a party.

Creative Candle Making Ideas

Wedding centerpieces with Floating Candles.

Incorporate live plants

Glass beads or decorative jewelry

Metal or tin trinkets

Porcelain objects e.g. animals or buildings

Wooden sticks or garden accessories 

Please remember to keep all non-heat-resistant items away from the flame of the candle or the melting wax.

Merchandising to the Max - Retailers

Looking to spruce up your place of business and attract customers? Mix your existing product with Candle Sand to create a truly unique display.

Salons – Pour Candle Sand on a tray and nestle hair products in the back

Furniture Stores – Fill bowls or tubs with Candle Sand and put in in the front window

Pet Stores – Create a Sand Candle Fish Bowl for a fun display

Gift Stores – Design sand candle making kits and offer candles on sale

Whether you want to simply dress up a display or offer your customers a distinctive buying option, Candle Sand supplies are right at your fingertips.

Pictures of Candle Sand


Go wild and dare to combine mixed elements! Making sand candles is fun and get’s the imagination flowing. The possibilities are endless with Candle Sand!