Candle Sand

Repurpose Containers to Make New Candles

Stop Paying for Candle Jars 

Bring memories back to life by repurposing.

A glass, plate, or shell you found on the beach.

Bring those meaningful items out from the closet

and reinvent the way they are used.

Repurpose and reuse.

Your Ideas, Your Way

Candle Sand can give life to meaningful items around the house. A desk plant that someone gave you because the

container was unique, planter found in the garden or copper pan handed down.

All of your candle making supplies are right at your fingertips.

Making personalized candles are as easy as pouring the sand like wax for candles directly onto a heat-resistant surface. Create your own candle scents by simply adding a few drops of candle safe fragrance oil directly into the sand. No need for an electric wax warmer or special candle making equipment!

Now with Candle Sand everything can have a new purpose!

Repurpose and Reuse


Yes, Candle Sand Floats on Water!

Simply fill a heat-resistant container with water and add Candle Sand.

Insert a wick and light!

Candle Sand Water