Candle Sand

How To Make Candles

Handcrafted delights that instantly brighten up your day. All of the candle making supplies are at your fingertips!

You won’t need tapered candle molds or spend time looking for candles on sale when you can simply make your own designer candles in 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Pour Candle Sand

Choose a heat-resistant surface or container. Pour the desired amount of Candle Sand into or on top of a heat-resistant surface.

Step 2

Inserting The Wick

2, 8″ wicks are included with every bag. Cut a wick piece and insert into the Candle Sand. Position the wick piece so that ¼ inch sticks out of the sand.

Step 3

Light The Wick

A 2-inch wick will burn for about 3 hours, the candle will go out on its own. The longer the wick, the longer the burn.

Step 4

Premium Quality Sand Is Reusable

Let the top layer layer of the wax COMPLETELY dry and then simply lift the thin layer of wax and discard. The remaining sand may be reused in another amazing creation!


Choose a heat resistant surface. You may place aluminum foil on the bottom as an extra barrier if you wish.
Pour the sand into the container or on a flat surface. 


Then cut the wick to the desired length, the wick length determines the burning time of the candle.
A wick piece of about 2 inches gives the best result.
Position the wick piece so that about ¼ inch sticks out of the Candle Sand.
Now just light the wick!

Please remember that this is a candle with an open flame.


A 2-inch wick will burn for about 3 hours. The candle will go out on its own, once it does make sure the top layer of the wax is COMPLETELY dry. Then simply lift the thin top layer of candle wax and throw away!
The remaining sand can be reused just by placing another wick inside! Please note, the craft Candle Sand may not give the same reusable affect.